How do i know that my gemstone is real

Posted by harriet attias on

For the inexpeienced stone collectoer, it can be very hard to tell if your item is carved from a natural stone, or if it has been colour enhanced by heat or dye, or if it is glass or resin. 

I have worked in the industry of importing stones direct from mines for over 30 years. One sad fact is that a lot of stones are very hard to find these days. this can be because the mine is repleat, and a new source has not been discovered yet, or that there are wars and political issues surrounding the mining in various countries.

Are gemstones sustainable.?

Gems such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires- have been mined since ancient times, they are non-renewable resources and their supply from geological deposits is finite. However, unlike many other resources, they are extremely durable.

In principle gemstones are not truly sustainable- they are a limited resource. But there are ways to minimize harm to the environment .When mining operations are not thoughtfully designed, they can pollute air and water, erode soil, and destroy habitats.