About us

The Spiral Rock Jewellery Collection
Established 1991

Crafted with Creativity & Consciousness.

Inspired by the essence of nature and the interconnectedness of the universe and our earth, The Spiral Rock hand craft original metaphysical silver and semi-precious gemstone jewellery, captivating the sweet blend of continents, cultures, and the cosmic bodies of the milky way. Each piece is authentic and designed with the sentiment of spirituality, being sure to infuse meaning and magic into every piece for every occasion, naturally.


Bespoke meets Bold.

A means of expression and expansion, our pieces are crafted artistry and simply one of a kind. Our designs ensure each piece is bespoke and tells a story beyond time. From powerful amulets to mystical crystal pendants, our jewellery sparks the potency of nature, activating healing and bold originality, effortlessly. Curated with unparalleled creativity, precision, and intention in mind, each design is the aftermath of a creative heart.


The Green Team.

We believe in the good of green and aim to tread a little lighter on our planet we call home. The environment and each ethical footprint are infused within every corner of our brand, being sure to create from a space of sustainability and awareness. All our packaging is natural, recyclable and hand printed. We also use recycled Sterling Silver as much as possible, whilst ensuring the factories that hand cut the semi-precious stones meet regulated emissions and ethical work practices. Nature inspires our creativity and so it is only fair to pay back our gratitude by consciously protecting and providing for our planet.