Black Onyx Statement necklace

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A large 50mm gemstone donut set it sterling silver strong wire work.

A grounding and protective stone,. Use to face adversaries in conflicts of all kinds. Used as a defence against negativity, and worn to lend courage

I have made the chain using our own unique solid silver bea.ds , wrapping them with silver wire and onyx beads.

ADJUSTABLE: adjust between 15'' and 30''

I have finished this with a leather cord, thatadjusts from 15'' to 30'' long.

Natural healing crystal Jewellery.

This striking black and silver choker necklace has been wrapped with strong sterling silver wire wrap, in our Chai or 'life' design.

The solid sterling silver beads are designed and made by myself, and complete this peice, making it an intricate quality unique item of artisan jewellery.

If you want to be guaranteed of a beautiful top quality stone , in colour and cut, then look no further. We specialize in semi-precious stones, and only choose the best quality stones for our jewellery. There are stones and there are stones, and it is the difference between being thrilled or disappointed with your purchase.

For centuries natural crystal jewellery and gemstone talisman have been worn by men and women and children, as protection amulets and healing tools.
Set in precious metals to create jewellery or just raw crystal pendants as a simple stone necklace.

This ancient Pi stone has many meanings in many cultures, among being a powerful protection amulet and a representation of the circle of life and infinity.
The natural beauty of semi-precious gemstones insures that each gemstone is unique.
*Your jewellery will come wrapped in a complimentary linen gift pouch, a properties card about the stone, and recycled bags stationary and packaging.
*100% Biodegradable. Choose the gift option if you would like a personal message included on a note
The growing popularity of healing crystals, with people becoming more attuned to their body and mind. Crystal have been used to balance energies for thousands of years.
There is no evidence that crystal healing works as a form of medicine, but more and more people are open to the benefits that crystals can bring.
It is believed that crystals hold vibrational energies, and this energy can be transmitted to balance your emotional physical and spiritual energies.
Chakra represents the 7 chakras around your body, with 7 different centres of energy. Each chakra is connected to one area of the body and an emotional state.
It is believed that by balancing these energies your emotional, physical and spiritual well being will benefit.
They say to benefit from the chakra stones, to wear the stones as jewellery over the chakra locations, or to meditate with the stones. Keeping a stone in your pocket or on your person is a god idea too. They can be added to your bath water, or sleep with the stone under your pillow or next to your bed.